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Programming for SAS Viya

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This course is for users who need to modify existing Base SAS programs that will execute in SAS Viya. This course leverages the power of SAS Cloud Analytic Services (CAS) to access, manage, and manipulate in-memory tables. This course is not intended for beginning SAS software users.

Ismerje meg hogyan:

  • Connect to SAS Cloud Analytic Services (CAS).
  • Access and use caslibs.
  • Load SAS data sets, CSV files, Microsoft Excel files, and DBMS tables into CAS.
  • Save SASHDAT files.
  • Modify DATA step code to execute in CAS.
  • Modify SQL procedure code to execute in CAS using FedSQL.
  • Use CAS-enabled procedures.
  • Write CASL code to execute CAS actions.

Kinek ajánljuk

  • SAS programmers transitioning to SAS Viya

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  • Overview of SAS Viya.
  • Overview of SAS Viya servers.

Loading Data into SAS Cloud Analytic Services (CAS)

  • Understanding caslibs.
  • Loading data to in-memory tables.
  • Accessing DBMS data in CAS.
  • Saving and dropping in-memory tables.

Modifying Base SAS Programs to Run in SAS Viya

  • Modifying DATA step code for CAS.
  • Modifying SQL code for CAS.
  • Defining CAS column data types.

Using CAS-Enabled Procedures and CAS Actions

  • Using CAS-enabled Base SAS procedures.
  • Understanding CASL syntax.
  • Accessing, exploring, and summarizing data with CAS actions.

Kinek ajánljuk


Before attending this course, you should have nine months or more of SAS programming experience or have completed the SAS Programming 1: Essentials and SAS Programming 2: Data Manipulation Techniques courses.

Specifically, you should be able to do the following:

  • Understand programming logic concepts.
  • Use SAS software to access SAS libraries.
  • Read and manipulate data with the DATA step.
  • Use SQL to query and join tables.
  • Use the MEANS and FREQ procedures to summarize data.

A tanfolyam SAS Studio, SAS Viya szoftver használatára épül.

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