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Microsoft Power Automate for End Users

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(Korábban Microsoft Flow)

This course delivers an instructor-led product showcase for Microsoft Power Automate from start to finish in an engaging and practical way. Power Automate is a diverse product, turning business processes into automated, consistent and visual workPower Automates. Power Automate is designed to interweave the various products in Office 365 as well as connect to other on-premises and web-based solutions. This course will give you the confidence to select the right actions and workPower Automate logic for your business workPower Automates.

Level: Beginner


  • Module 1: An Introduction to Power Automate
    • What is Microsoft Power Automate?
    • The benefits of automation
    • How to get to Power Automate
    • Lab 1: Setup your tenant
  • Module 2: Getting Started with Power Automate
    • Using Power Automate templates
    • Navigating in Power Automate
    • Editing a Power Automate
    • Publish and trigger a Power Automate
    • Turn off or delete a Power Automate
    • Lab 1: Building processes in Office 365
  • Module 3: Power Automate logic
    • Adding conditions
    • Designing switches
    • Using apply to each
    • Configuring do until logic
    • Adding a scope
    • Lab 1: Scheduling documentation reviews
  •  Module 4: Integration
    • Standard and premium connectors
    • Connecting to web services
    • Using Power Automate with on-premises data
    • Lab 1: Using Power Automate and SQL to Review Sales
  • Module 5: The mobile app
    • Downloading the mobile app
    • Signing in and account management
    • Building and managing Power Automates
    • Creating buttons
    • Feeds and approvals
    • Lab 1: Optional: Using the Power Automate mobile app
  • Module 6: Administration and maintenance
    • Maintaining a Power Automate
    •  View history and analytics
    • Sharing a Power Automate
    • Export and import Power Automates
    • Office 365 administration for Power Automate
    • Environments
    • Data policies
    • Data integration
    • Lab 1: Maintaining your Power Automates

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No previous experience of Power Automate is required.

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